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10 Picture Perfect spots on the Tampa Bay Beaches

10 Picture Perfect spots on the Tampa Bay Beaches

10 Picture Perfect spots on the Tampa Bay Beaches

The beaches aren’t the only photogenic locations on the Tampa Bay Beaches! Many hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, and more offer plenty of “instagrammable” shots with little effort. But there’s too many to count along all of our beaches! In honor of National Social Media Day, we have highlighted 10 Picture Perfect spots on the Tampa Bay Beaches. 


Whether you’re going for the simple memorabilia photo or a carefully crafted work of art to post, these locations provide you with shots you’ve only dreamt of. Be sure to include the #BuyBeachesFirst on your beach photos to Enter to Win your own Beach Vacation!


1.The Don Cesar Hotel


A St. Pete classic, the pink palace offers endless amazing photo opportunities. Snap the quick and easy shot in front of the hotel or from the beach. You can also climb the stairs and get some cute shots sitting on the pink railings surrounded by palm trees. Poolside photos are also enhanced at “The Don” with the amazing pool and signature pink and white striped towels. If that’s not enough, there are many spots on the beautiful property that were created just for getting the perfect shot like the #pinkpalace swing and the “I love this moment” decorative wall.

Photo Provided by RumFish Grill

2. RumFish Grill Fish Tank

Snack and snap at the same time with this under the sea theme! Get amazing photos while you dine at RumFish Grill to get a unique shot featuring both your dining table and the fish swimming behind you. This huge fish tank is a fan favorite. 


3. Coconut Charlie’s Hammock Den

This cozy corner is made for relaxing, but also creates a beautiful shady oasis for some quick picture taking. Surrounded by palm trees you can lay back in a hammock or snap a picture and the outdoor bar. Every spot from the Lobby to the beach at The Hilton Garden Inn provides a relaxing and visually captivating environment to enjoy.



4. Larry’s Ice Cream

For the people looking for a more vintage vibe (and some delicious props!), Larry's is the place to go! Covered in neon lights, palm trees, old cars and old fashioned ice cream, there’s too many great shots that can be captured here. The inside is just as cute as the outside, where you can indulge in the smells of the fresh waffle cones being made, observe the over 50 flavors of ice cream, and discover all their other edible creations. Pick your flavor, pick your background, and shoot away!



5. 82 Degrees at The Saint Hotel

The brand new hotel The Saint features many places to take the perfect picture, including their restaurant and bar: 82 Degrees. Being on the second floor, the tables all have a view of the water right across the street. But that’s not the only thing that makes this new restaurant so easy on the eyes! The Saint and 82 degrees is also home to a lot of modern decor. A special place in the restaurant that was created just for a perfect photo is a booth with a plant wall and the “it was all a dream” neon sign. This corner makes for a photo that can’t be recreated anywhere else.


6. South Pasadena Sun Benches

These colorful new additions to the City of South Pasadena are all over town, providing a colorful twist on the old bench photo. There are 25 of these bright benches located all around the city with completely different views to pick from. Conveniently located right next to St. Pete Beach, it’s worth the short trip to South Pasadena to try to spot one and get a cute photo, and maybe even visit some of the local shops and restaurants!


7. Caddy’s Chair

Who can resist sitting in a giant chair on the beach? Caddy’s in Treasure Island has just that, with an equally large surfboard accompanying it at this Caddy’s location! It’s the perfect shot for any visitors or locals to capture a great memory while grabbing a bite to eat or heading to the beach. It doesn’t get much easier than that! 


8. Fusion Rooftop

This Treasure Island hotel has one of a kind architecture built up of curves and layers that few hotels have seen in the past. The distinctive building stands out even more after being colored with blue, green and orange splatter patterns from top to bottom. The patterns on the stairs are a great photo pit-stop on the way up to the rooftop where you can host events looking out over the beautiful water. 


9. Jake’s Coastal Cantina

Another one of our instagrammable restaurants is Jake’s Coastal Cantina in Indian Rocks Beach. Aside from the food that locals rave about, the building is decorated in all the festive Tex-Mex glory! It is easily one of the most vibrant buildings in town and there is no shortage of murals, flamingo statues, sombreros or rainbow chairs and tables to fill your photos. 


10. Clearwater Marine Aquarium 

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is home to hundreds of rescued marine life from all around Florida, including the movie star Winter the dolphin. Because of these animals, it is also home to a multitude of amazing photo opportunities. There are many picture perfect places in the newly installed enclosure to view Winter and the other dolphins and it makes for a great photo seat!