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Redington in Focus

Redington in Focus

Redington in Focus

The Tampa Bay Beaches is a gulfside strip on the west coast of Florida, comprising multiple municipalities which attract visitors every year. We took a closer look at each of these communities to provide some background and explain the activities you can do while visiting our beaches. Now let’s take a closer look at three Redington Beach Communities to explore.


MEET THE BEACHES: The Redingtons

In the early 1930's a man by the name of Charles Redington purchased the northern end of David Welch's property and, in 1935, built the first permanent residence in the area. Three cities that Redington owned are Redington Beach, incorporated in 1935, North Redington incorporated in 1953, and Redington Shores incorporated in 1955.

Within miles of each other, each Redington community maintains their own municipality as well as manages to keep their own unique charm.


ACTIVITIES: Here’s what to do 

While each Redington Beach community might have it’s own charm. Redington Beach, North Redington Beach and Redington Shores all offer plenty of outdoor space to eat, drink, shop and play!



If you are looking to escape it all this is the beach for you! Redington Beach residents like to keep it calm and serene. This quaint residential community has private beaches and hosts only three motels on Gulf Boulevard. If you’re lucky enough to stay in the secluded area make sure you spend it relaxing in the sand and enjoying your own personal stretch of beach.


North Redington Beach offers a charming collection of local shops, restaurants, motels, hotels, and condos to meet the desires and comfort of each visitor. There are all the services and amenities of a much larger city without the crowds, bustle and impatience.

Whether you are grabbing a locally made meal or a beach side gift shop, you are sure to find the perfect keep-sake.



The town of Redington Shores offers locals and visitors no shortage of activities. You can spend the day waterside by enjoying its wide white sandy beaches or abundant fishing and boating. Take your family to one of their three public parks, all down the street from a local restaurant! No matter the adventure, Redington Shores has something for everyone.