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How to Add a Deal

How to Add a Deal

How to Add a Deal

How To Add A Deal


At any time your business can promote it's specials or deals, whether they are direct to consumer or Member to Member deals. These Deals or "Hot Deals" are displayed in may location on our website. Adding a deal through the Member Information Center is a free tool for additional promotion for your business!

Adding a deal is easy, here’s how:

VIDEO: How to Add a Deal

How To Steps: Add a Deal

When adding a deal be sure to include:
  • A Title
  • A Tagline
  • A Category
  • Deal Details
  • A Short Description
  • A Deal Start and End Date (the dates you will honor this deal)
  • A Company Logo
  • Contact Information
  • A Weblink
  • Deal Active Dates (the dates that this will run on the website)

If you have any questions on updating your staff or your personal profile please reach out to us at or call us at 727-360-6957.