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As Above So Below



About Us

If you don’t know us already, we are Janine and Cassidy! Owners of As Above So Below Metaphysical Shop.

We are a strong mother/daughter team who left the midwest for sunny Florida only to find a great adventure ahead of us. We stumbled upon a perfect little store here on St. Pete Beach that was screaming our names to create the perfect metaphysical shop.

We want to bring comfort and healing to those looking for a new way to overcome obstacles. Educating others on the healing energies and power of crystals is one of our many passions and we welcome everyone who comes in looking to learn more. Share this journey with us!

Finding the perfect name for our store was one of the most important elements on this journey. As Above So Below is a phrase that clung to us and is well known in the spiritual community. It is a reminder to anyone that whatever you release into the universe will return to you. What happens here in this life is mirrored in the universe and there is a greater purpose for everything that happens. This phrase is also known as “As Within So Without.”

This has become one of our personal mantras and something we keep in mind daily. We hope it resonates with you, too!

Whether you are new to the crystal and metaphysical world or you have been practicing new age techniques for a while, our team here at As Above So Below is welcoming and can help you find what you are looking for, even if you don’t know exactly what that is.

Everyone in our store is family, including you! We are always eager to swap stories or answer any questions you have! We love when newbies come in because we get to share our knowledge of crystal healing! We all have a strong passion for nature-based healing and spirituality and we want others to explore it with us.

However, if you’re a collector and simply find crystals and rocks pretty, that’s cool, too! We have a good eye for finding unique pieces that will be perfect for decorating your home!

Check out our site and keep an eye on our social media too! You never know when we’ll throw a sale out there! We do live sales on our instagram to show you exclusive items that are not shown on our website.

We love each and every one of you and want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so supportive of our small business! We do this all for you, and are so happy we get to continue doing it!