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Beach Leaf



About Us

Why Choose Us ?
1. We’re A Small, Family Company
When you choose Beach Leaf, you won’t get lost in the shuffle. You can always reach us, if you have any issues or questions.

2. We Love What We Do
Bringing the peace and beauty of nature indoors and out is our passion, which is why we deliver only the best plants pots available and do everything we can to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

3. We’re Plant Experts
This is what we do. We specialize in plants, and we’ve worked with some of the most stylish offices in Tampa and many outdoor patioscapes all around the west coast of Florida. We know which plants are the best for which spaces (including the level of light in your home or office), and how to best take care of them so they thrive in their new environment.

4. We’re Always Available If You Have Questions
Not sure how to take care of your plant? Having an issue? Just take a picture of it and use our contact page to contact us. We’re plant experts and will happily help you nurse your plant back to health.

5. We Hand-Pick Every Single Plant Directly From The Grower
All our plants are hand-picked from the grower, so you never get anything less than the perfect plant for your space. We’re known around the city for providing the healthiest, longest-lasting plants you can get anywhere.

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