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Capo Investments


Housing Investments

About Us

Founded in 2021, Capo Investments has partnered with a nationwide investment group. This group has an excellent reputation for over twenty years. We support personal home buyers, investors and commercial developers in the area of real estate and financial access. We partner with realtors, brokers and help solve real estate problems.
Backed by nationwide partners, we offer all the options below as a solution to real estate problems. We solve the puzzle. Foreclosure, Multi Family, Commercial Space, Commercial Lending, Seller Finance, Tenant Buyer, Land Development and more. When we dicide to work with a buyer, seller or business we go all in and become fully invested in all aspects of the decision. We are looking for real estate problems such as: credit repair needs, lack of funding, size and scope of commercial space, dirt, grading and much more. While we only invest in a handful of projects per year, it means we can focus solely on those who we believe really have the need and vision.