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Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise, Inc.



About Us

COME AWAY....COME AWAY WITH CAPTAIN MEMO'S Original PIRATE CRUISE to the less traveled road of briny buccaneers and seafaring seadogs. Set your course with the cool reggae island & steel band music playing throughout the rigging of the PIRATES RANSOM. Every passenger will enjoy their choice of soft drinks, beer, wine, or champagne, while searching for the bountiful dolphins, while aboard ship. The spirited pirates may belly on up to our full service bar to purchase their favorite libation.

The spirited pirates are individually selected by Captain Memo himself. They are chosen not only for their enthusiastic personalities and immeasurable politeness, but also for their knowledgeable seamanship capabilities. Wenches; Panama Pam, Diamond Diane, Money Up Front Michele, Keep Your Kash Kelly, Captains; Gangplank Gary, Powder keg Paul and pirates Mutiny Michael, Jewel Thief Julie, Mischievous Melanie, Shipwreck Sherri, Rusty Ratchet, Peppermint Patty, Jolly James and Bilgewater Bill are anxious to meet you.