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Cuban Paradise Cigar & Cafe



About Us

Our mission is to continue working hard at keeping customers pleased with outstanding service and high quality products.

Our vision is to maintain commitment to excellence, reliability and respect which has distinguished us all these years.

The Birth of an Icon
The company was founded on January 1st, 2009 by Mr. Marcos Diaz Santana and was opened to the public in March 8th, 2009 as CUBAN PARADISE, CIGAR & CAFE.

Mr. Diaz, 4th generation of Cuban hand-made cigar roller (torcedor), on his arrival to Florida brings a powerful tool strongly linked to the past of his family business: mystique. This gift was inherited from an extensive tobacco tradition of almost 200 years. That will be the force behind what is now a successful cigar company.

“My experience in tobacco made me stand out, but I knew that without mastering the English language, my scope would be limited ... With the help of my wife, everything was less difficult.
I always trusted the work capacity and intelligence of my wife, Yaite Diaz. I believe that together we overcame all our obstacles.''
Marcos Diaz, founder.
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