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Del Sol Color Changing Specialty Shop



About Us

Del Sol and its color-changing clothing and accessories all started from an idea in the early ‘90s about making a little sunshine go a long way. Company co-founders, Robert Pedersen, “Captain Bob,” and son-in-law, Steve Schone, began searching for a way to bottle their idea in a form that everyone could enjoy whenever they stepped outside into sunlight.

They chased their idea sunrise after sunset and, in 1994, they combined science and sunshine to create the world's first T-shirt that changes color with sunlight. It was the answer they were looking for – a screen-printed shirt design that would change on cue from one color with sunlight back to its original color without sunlight. Regardless of age, people’s reactions to the change in color were equally instantaneous – smiles, laughter and sharing were guaranteed. Sunshine was, indeed, going a long way.

As the Del Sol product line and business model expanded, we took our products from a small cart in Murray, Utah’s Fashion Place Mall to locations where the sun is always shining, opening the first full, inline store in St. Thomas, USVI in 1997. We've since expanded into the most popular cruise ports and resort destinations throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and continental United States.

Our claim to fame is brightening consumers’ vacations through our products that all change color when exposed to sunlight, then go back to their original colors without sunlight. Thousands of customers from all over the world share this same enthusiasm for Del Sol. They’re part of a Del Sol culture, which sets them apart as the fun store in major tourist destinations throughout the world.

One secret ingredient to our bright shopping experience, which remains long after customers leave the store, is our product technology. Del Sol engineered its proprietary Spectrachrome® technology based on a special formula for color change originally explored by NASA for its space program. You can't find Del Sol’s unique products anywhere else in the world because they're all originals.

Staying true to our motto, ‘Creating fun, joy, smiles and memories for everyone under the sun,’ we donate thousands of dollars’ worth of our products to humanitarian relief efforts and charities on an annual basis throughout the world. And that’s something we can all smile about.