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Garrett McCoy Coach, Author, Naturalist



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Move, Breathe, Create. The Habit of Becoming You” is a journal-style book based on a 30-day habit forming system about taking your life back. You will learn to apply the EFD philosophy and form any habit you choose. Beginning with the habit of moving, breathing, and creating the best version of you, daily.You will identify goals, reverse engineer them into habits, and reinforce your vision with your “head movie”.Each day you will have a lesson and reflection that will allow you to dive deeper into the journey.In 30 days you will have a new operating system, and the courage to Do You. On Purpose!

What does a healthy Planet look like?
Our planet's health is deteriorating. Is it possible that this decay affects those that live on it and are dependent on its natural resources? Living in Florida for 20 years I see daily reminders of us paving paradise to put up parking lots. I'm all for modernization, but there must be balance. Our natural places not only need to be preserved, but more need to be created. Plants like hemp and bamboo grow quickly, have multiple uses, soak up plenty of carbon, and have nothing but positive impacts. Why can’t places of urban decay, roof tops, and sidewalks be purposefully planted to help local communities? I have a head movie of a gangster gardening community to create more green spaces, involve families, and raise awareness to the healing impact of plants.