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House Calls For Kids

House Calls For Kids

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About Us

Concierge Pediatric urgent care offering telemedicine, house calls and hotel calls to the Tampa Bay area. Serving patients 0 to 18 years of age.
How it works:
All care begins with a telemedicine consultation by requesting through our website. If the provider determines a house call is needed you can then schedule for that at a convenient time for you.

Telehealth Consultations:
During your Telehealth Consultation you will have a chance to meet your provider virtually. Your provider will ask detailed questions about your child’s past medical history and today’s illness or injury. Your provider may ask you to help with a virtual physical exam. If your provider feels your child can be cared for virtually and an appropriate diagnosis can be made, your visit will stop here. If any prescriptions may be necessary, they will be called into the pharmacy of your choice. Your provider will give you any instructions necessary that will help you to better care for your child during this special time of need.

House Calls:
Most concerns will require an in home visit. All patients are best evaluated in person where your provider can perform a thorough physical exam. During your visit your provider will ask additional questions about your child’s past medical history and today’s concerns. Your provider will examine your child to determine the cause of your child’s symptoms.

On site testing can be performed when needed. We currently offer Rapid COVID Antigen, Rapid Flu and Rapid Strep testing for an additional charge. A one time dose of prescription medication can be given if needed. Prescriptions will be called into the pharmacy of your choice if needed.

Follow up:
You may want follow up appointments and rechecks! We would love to check back in and see how your little one is doing. These appointments can be scheduled online as well at a reduced rate.

Let us care for your children in the comfort and safety of your home.