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International Subsea Services


Apartments, Homes and Condos

About Us

Residential and Commercial Demolition, Removal & Disposal in the Pinellas County, FL Area
International Subsea Services offer experienced and professional staff who knows how to plan and execute residential house and commercial building demolition ranging from small to large. We also offer land clearing, cemetery maintenance, inspection, project management and other subsea solution services for commercial and residential applications. Over the years we have undertaken varying projects and have done it on a variety of old structures that simply could not be maintained or are so worn out that demolition had to be done to make way for a new, latest structure. Our staff is trained, skilled in using various types of equipment which are the latest, modern, and standard ones designed for this particular activity. Call us now and fix an appointment for consulting. Let us ease out the cumbersome task of residential home demolishment for you so that you have the land and place needed to begin your brand-new project with confidence. Call us today for a free estimate!