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Mad Beach Aquaculture


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About Us

We are an education and conservation first aquaculture facility nestled along the coast of Madeira Beach Florida. Located in Johns pass and associated with Alligator and Wildlife Discovery Center specializing in captive propagation of a diverse array of aquarium corals. Due to the severe stress our world’s reefs are experiencing, we work with importers who bring in sustainably harvested and maricultured mother colonies and work very hard to acclimate them to our captive reefs. Our mission is to provide healthy, acclimated corals at affordable prices for the everyday hobbyist as well as the expert reefer. As we do this and expand our ever-growing hobby, we would also like to protect our natural resources here at home. Through education of our visitors on how to curb the pressures on our reefs we will also be donating a significant portion of our proceeds to The Coral Restoration Foundation. They work in our native waters growing and out planting our most critically endangered corals. Acropora Palmata, and Acropora Cervicornis most notably.